A new day, a new wordpress theme

I’m not only new to ruby, macOS, but also to WordPress. Since at my new workplace, WordPress is kinda a big thing, I knew that I needed to learn this too. I am still trying to get a handle on themes and how to edit the look and feel of the website. I want to keep it clean, really nothing too fancy is needed but a bonus would be if it actually looked good too. So here’s to using Flywheel’s awesome WordPress hosting, but also being a member of the dashboard team.’

Also started up working through Learn Ruby the Hard Way yesterday evening. So far so good, only issue might be that my home computer is a WindowsOS, and my work is a MacOS. I don’t think it is bad that I learn PowerShell, but probably won’t help my day to day.

Ruby Koans – Day 1 Progress

Slow start at first, but I think I am picking up speed.  equals and == sucks, they mean the exact opposite that they do in Java.  Ruby, == is equivalence (.equals in Java), and use .equal? to check if the objects are the same (== in Java).  That’ll probably hang me up for a while.  This resource from ruby-lang helped out, it gave me a quick context to wrap my mind around.

11/282 Koans finished end of day

Haven’t figure out my first Ruby book to try, but I will probably be giving this Ruby in 20 Minutes tutorial a try, and Ruby Monk’s Primer a go too.


Ruby Koans – Is this the path to Ruby enlightenment

Ok going forward I am trying out iTerm for my terminal and Visual Studio Code for my editor. Don’t know if these are best practices or anything, but when I was trying to pull down code from GitHub in just the default MacOS Terminal, it felt clunky.  So I am running through the Ruby Koans tutorial because it seemed more complete to me.  I am a programmer, I just am not a Ruby programmer.  So I know that I want to look at code structure, not just a dinky hello world app that doesn’t give me any real world code feels.  So I am going to run through these and see what I learn.  Also pulled down a couple books and might start in on one of those, but for right now I just need to get my hands on some code that I can read.


I’m starting a Ruby blog

It’s 2018 so it seems like a good time to start a blog.  That’s a thing still right? It must be if my default wordpress theme has it. So I find myself starting a new career. I did this to myself, so I only really have me to blame.  I am or I was a Java engineer.  It was what I did for a living, and kind of my identity. So it was what I did for 13 years, and my god that sounds like a long time now that I am typing it out. Now that it is not the case, I signed myself up for a new career at Flywheel (not the sports one) and I have totally flipped to a Ruby stack.  To add more to my plate, I have also switched over to a Apple OS from Windows, and a start-up over a large enterprise operations.  Pretty much, it is different then everything I have done up until now.  Please wish me good luck!