Music for learning

Reading Time: 2 minutes

So picture this, you are sitting down at your desk, loaded up your tutorial, terminal, editor and have muted all your slack channels, you are ready to go.  But now you have to figure out something to listen to so you can tune out everyone in your open office, but what should you load up?

For me, I need something with no lyrics.  I have a hard time concentrating and really being able to focus when I hear other words.  So sometimes browsing on Amazon for a new playlist can be frustrating. EDM really is hit or miss, things that you don’t thing should have vocals end up having them.  There needs to be a no-lyrics tag, some way to make focus playlists more searchable.  Right now my go-to is Tycho, really anything by him.  Although, today I was trying to listen to the Past is Prologue album but it kept on making me think that my streaming service was encountering some lag or other glitch, maybe this is just me? I also am a fan of Brian Eno, but sometimes you just want something more uptempo.

Any suggestions for good focus music?

Edit: Here’s a Spotify playlist I have started with some suggestions, and my favs.

Follow-up (7/24/18): I forgot to mention Bolling: Suite for Cello and Jazz Piano Trio and Deus Ex soundtracks. Both have been in rotation lately, along with my all time favorite 2112 by Rush, and the Spirited Away soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi.