The problem with starting

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Sometimes there is just so much information and resources that making the first step takes a long time to decide, just because you don’t where to start.  There are so, so, so many free amazing resources for learning ruby that I keep on getting distracted jumping from one to the other.  Today did not feel like the best learning day. I didn’t get very far on my Ruby Koans, I didn’t get much other reading done (although a co-worker shared a great article on the power of small wins that I am adding to the pile).

I need to just pick one and go with it. Going to stick with Ruby Koans, because I already started it and I feel like right now I just need to finish something.  At home I am working through Learn Ruby the Hard Way, and that is it for my resources for now.  Besides starting in on application code for work, I am going to try and limit my Ruby resource for a while because frankly I am overloaded on information right now.