Update on Ruby and Rails learning experience

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Even though I may not be writing about it, I am continuing my deep-dive into the word of Ruby.  At work I am mostly focused on Rails.  My app is Rails, and the tickets I am working on are Rails (with some haml and scss thrown in, yay for learning some front-end development!).   Currently I have been able to be become semi-productive, but haven’t  been able to complete a ticket on my own, which is a humbling experience.  We are doing one week sprints, so I do try to muddle my way through on an assigned ticket.  But since time is short, you need to just women up and ask for help sooner then later.  When time allows, I am still working through a Rails Tutorial.

At night, I have still been working through Ruby the Hard Way and have made it up to exercise 15 or so.  These have been very easy so far, but I have a feeling that it will pick up speed soon and I don’t want to skip something that might be important. Got derailed this week because one of the lessons is working on accepting user input, and suggested looking up Zork, so the rest of my evening was playing that. It kinda reminds me of Vim, if you can remember the keywords it can be fun, but if not you are just kinda stuck in a dark room (terminal).

In other fun news, I actually have people visiting my website! Um thanks, I really didn’t know that anyone would read this, and with my handy dashboard on Flyweel I can see that I have visitors. Now what percentage of those are spam bots, who knows  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Side note: if anyone knows why when I run my rails server I get “MiniProfiler storage failure: Connection lost (ECONNRESET)” every once in awhile, could they share, that would be awesome.  Everything starts up and runs, but I just see that pop up pretty often.